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Mavala Nail Trends for 2022

Mavala Nail Trends for 2022

What are going to be the top nail trends for 2022? Will we still be obsessed with 90’s styles, or are we waving goodbye to the beloved French manicure and opting for short, multicoloured nails in metallic hues? Or just maybe, will we be combining all these ideas for something pretty, playful and purely 2022?

Swiss nailcare, cosmetics and skincare brand Mavala has been a staple of beauty cabinets around the world since 1958; combining both care and beauty in their iconic mini nail polish colours. The modern, improved formulation delivers microscopic air pockets to allow nails to breathe and is vegan friendly, with a super long hold and shine. The 5ml pots minimise solvent evaporation and ensure every last drop can be used. There are over 200 classic and on-trend shades to choose from.

Lynn Mason, the resident nail expert at Mavala has put together her key nail trends for 2022:

The Reimagined French Mani

A key look for 2022 is a twist on the classic French manicure. This trend may be synonymous with the 90’s, but it’s still going strong and will truly blossom in 2022! The subtle pink with white tip look will still be ubiquitous, but we’ll also see much bolder and brighter, reimagined takes on the look. I expect to see brave black tips, as well as metallic shades for a stand-out look, or a simple clear base with mismatched colourful tips. Mixing textures can be fun as well, so experiment with a matte colour base with glossy tips! Far from being basic, the new French mani lets people express their creativity while still maintaining a paired-back aesthetic.

To achieve, use: Mavala French Manicure Set

Multicolour digits

Set to be one of the top trends of 2022, having mismatched nails is a great way to use a rainbow of colours from your nail polish collection. While a subtle ombre move through similar tones will remain popular, this is a trend that can be as playful as you like and the possibilities are endless! Try contrasting colours, mix up your metallics or choose five of your favourite mood boosting colours.

To achieve, use: Mavala Trio of Colours

Metallic Manicure

The metallic manicure is having a moment, with lots of variations of the trend popping up on Instagram and TikTok. It’s a playful trend, evolving from the chromes and decadent glitters of the end of 2021, with a nod to the 90’s cyber goth look. You can play with the finish as well, choosing a topcoat to make it super high shine or dull it down to a modern matte finish. The pearl finish on the Mavala polishes, mean that you can explore the metallic trend across a huge range of colours, from subtle silvers and delicate pinks to vibrant blues and precious golds.   

To achieve, use: Cyber Chrome Collection

Nail health

Nail health has been huge especially during 2020-21 when nail salons were closed for long periods of time. Many had started to notice the potential damage they were causing to their nails with in-salon treatments. Which could make 2022 the year of the no frills neutral and the sheer polish nails. This manicure places greater focus on nail and cuticle health rather than bold colours to make a statement. Aim for a refined, clean look that provides a subtle appearance.

To achieve, use: Mavala Discovery Set

Natural nail shapes

For nail shapes, 2021 saw the lean towards long nails however we expect this will start to shift back in 2022 to a more natural and shorter shape, which is not only more practical but hygienic too! Combine with nudes and neutrals, or warm beiges, and you’ll have a minimalist but on-trend look.  

To achieve, use: Mavala Curved Nail Scissors

Pastels for spring…

While pastels have always been popular for Spring, in 2022 we can expect brighter hues which pop on the nails, think Easter eggs on a manicure!

To achieve, use: Pastel Fiesta Collection

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