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Everything you need to know about Mavala

Everything you need to know about Mavala

As leaders in natural Swiss nail care and cosmetics, we get asked a lot of questions about nail health, nail colour and skincare. We have compiled some of our most frequently asked questions so you can find all the answers you may ever need; our in-house expert Lynn Gray answers the below:

Nail Care

How can I stop my nails from breaking?

Always carry a nail file so that you can smooth out any little nicks in the nails as they appear and treat your nails to a mini mani once a week. Gently push back the cuticles, use a nail moisturising serum like Mavala’s MavaFlex. To increase the nails resistance to breaking us a two phase nail shield or a nail hardener like Scientifique K+

I have long cuticles. Should I push them back or cut them? Which option is better?

You need to take extra care around the cuticle area as if you are too heavy handed you can cause stress to the nails which will show as white spots, ridges, or weakness. Use a cuticle remover once a week, apply around the area and wait for a few minutes to let the product dissolve the cuticle, you can then gently push back the cuticle with a orange stick wrapped in cotton wool. To make the contour of the nail look better and to keep the cuticles soft use a cream or oil every day, preferably in the evening before bed.

How can I remove hang nails painlessly?

Carefully snip with cuticle nippers. Don’t pull the skin just snip away the hangnail.

My nails are indented how can I help them?

It really depends on the reason that you have indents in your nails. If it is due to possible damage from gel or acrylics then the best thing o do is lightly buff the nails and follow with a strengthening treatment like Scientifique K+.

Why are my nails peeling?

Nails tend to peel due to lack of oil or moisture in the visible layers of the nail plate. Much like skincare, start with the MavaFlex serum and follow with the Nailactan moisturiser. Use MavaFlex 1-2 times a week on bare nails followed by Nailactan every night. These two products will help bind the layers together and make a healthier nail from base to tip.

When I remove my nail polish, my nails feel slightly sore and sensitive. Why is this?

Firstly, always use a non acetone remover as it’s a lot kinder to your nails. When removing polish, hold the cotton pad lightly on the polish for a few seconds as this helps to start to dissolve the polish and makes it easier to remove without too much rubbing. If it carries on and they are really sore, always seek advice from a doctor.

How can I strengthen my nails are having gels?

Use Mavala’s Scientifique K+ on your nails 1-2 times a week. You apply this with the brush down on the centre of each nail down towards the free edge making sure you don’t touch any skin. This will give your nails instant support from within. You can follow with a fortifying base coat like Mavastrong that helps reduce flaking and with continuous use the nails will grow longer and stronger.

Nail Colour

Best dark red that doesn’t go into the brown tones?

Moscow which was Mavala’s very first polish in 1962 is a true red that suits most skin tones, a true classic red.

Best Red to suit all skin tones?

To be honest there is not one shade that will suit everyone, but ones with cooler blue undertones such as Macao or Paris will suit fair skin and those with darker skin will suit more brown / orange toned reds such as London or Toronto.

Best pastel colours?

Mavala’s Spring 2020 collection ‘Chill & Relax’ has a selection of creamy pastel shades including pinks, green, peach and blue. Frozen Berry is also a gorgeous pastel purple.

Can nail polish shades help boost your mood or is it a myth?

Having your nails painted in your favourite shade will certainly boost your mood. It is known in the industry as ‘the lipstick effect’ by having colour on your lips or nail makes you feel good about yourself.

How can I choose a nail colour that’s on trend?

Have a look on Instagram pages for some inspiration or research different nail companies new collections as they will lead the trends.

I have quite fair skin but I love dark colours. What is best to stop me looking too vampy?

Still wear the dark colours you love but keeping your nails on the shorter side and more square shaped will make them look less vampy and more chic.

How can I pull off a multicoloured mani?

Pick a collection like the Mavala’s new poolside collection as all the shades are designed to complement each other.

How best to avoid a clash with nail polish and outfits without sticking to nude and white shades?

If possible, take the outfit shopping with you when selecting your polish. Place the polish between your fingers while holding the outfit and you will see straight away if it’s right. Trust your instincts. If all else fails go with something that makes you feel confident as there is no right or wrong.

How can I find a nude polish that doesn’t wash me out?

The quickest way to see if a shade suits your skin tone or not is to hold the bottle between your fingers. You will see instantly if the colour washes you out and makes your hands look grey.

Best light pink nude for tanned skin?

Pink Relax from the Spring 2020 Chill and Relax collection is a creamy light pink with great pigmentation so goes on well and does not streak. It looks perfect on tanned skin.

A classy shimmery girly pink?

Try Rose Shell, a beautiful shimmery light rose pink.

Why do nails keep chipping even after top coat?

Unfortunately, with everyday wear and tear our hands go through, top coat grazes away leaving the colour prone to chipping. There is a simple solution though, reapply top coat every other day to reinforce the durability and renew shine.


How Can I achieve Baby Soft feet?

Exfoliate once a week and apply moisturiser every day. In the Summer we wear Sandals and the air around our feet dries them out so use a foot cream every day.

How can I help dry skin on the soles of my feet?

Use Mavala’s hydro-repairing foot cream, this has 25% urea in, apply every morning and night. Not only will it help clear up dry cracked heels or dry skin but help prevent it.

Do Mavala do a rough skin removing cream for feet?

Yes! Mavala have a smoothing scrub cream for feet which eliminates callouses and softens the skin. Follow with our hydro repairing foot cream with 25% urea that has a strong moisturising property and a keratolytic action to eliminate dead skin and fight callouses.

Top products to get pedi ready?

Step 1- Concentrated foot bath with eucalyptus and lemon oil to deodorise and revitalise.

Step 2- Cuticle remover and cream, spend time tidying up the cuticles on the feet.

Step 3 – Use refreshing foot gel with menthol which cools and relaxes the feet.

Step 4 – Use the barrier base coat, your chosen colour, gel effect top coat and oil seal dryer to finish.

My toenails are a little yellow, why?

Nail polish tends to last on our toe much longer than it does out hands, therefore colours on our toes for longer periods of time which can make them discolour. Always use a basecoat such as the barrier base coat as it puts a barrier between colours and your nails to prevent decolouration.


I have combination skin, what do you recommend to control blackheads on the nose and dryness?

The best thing to do it regularly exfoliate 1-2 times a week paying attention to the area with blackheads. Use a skincare routine that has active ingredients to help regulate the sebum production in the skin without being too strong. Try Mavala’s Pore Detox range as this will not dry out the skin while helping to regulate the skin.

My skin is feeling really dry at the moment. Why? And how can I help it?

Give your skin a moisture bath with Mavala’s Aqua Plus multi moisturising sleeping Mask. The active ingredients including triple molecular weight of pure hyaluronic acid diffuses overnight leaving the skin fully replenished and rehydrated through all epidermal layers.

Any product recommendations for dull skin?

Use Mavala’s Skin Vitality beauty enhancing beauty micro-peel. This creamy scrub enriched with bio degradable wax micro beads gently liberates skin from dead cells and stimulates micro circulation for a immediate radiance and luminosity. Use 1-2 times a week.

How can I reduce the appearance of pores?

It is important to gently exfoliate the skin 1-2 times a week and then follow with a specific mask. Try the Mavala Pore Detox perfecting purifying mask with active ingredients of alpine willow herb, perlite and witch hazel, this mask will not only help to make the pores less visible, but also help regulate the sebum production.

How can I tackle regular breakouts?

Sometimes stress can show in our skin, so try to keep up with a regular skincare routine. Double cleanse then tone AM and PM follow by a serum, day cream or night cream depending on the time of day. 1/ 2 times a week gently exfoliate the skin and relax with a weekly mask, that should help.

How can I improve my skin’s texture so it is super soft?

If you exfoliate regularly (1-2 times a week) you will remove the dead skin cells. You could then use the Mavala Skin Vitality Sleep Mask at night to sleep in. It contains micro encapsulated AHA so you wake up with incredibly silky velevety soft skin that’s bright and revitalised.

How much of each skincare product should I be using?

One pump of serum should cover the face as it is a thinner consistency. Use face cream the size of a thumb nail for the face and then another for the neck and décolletage.

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