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Mavala Launches “The Power of Pink” 2023 Campaign in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mavala Launches “The Power of Pink” 2023 Campaign in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the third-year running, we are proud to announce the launch of its international “The Power of Pink” Campaign for 2023. Building upon its successful initiatives from previous years, we once again dedicate our efforts to support charities and associations worldwide that work tirelessly for cancer research, prevention and patient support. In the UK, we will be proudly supporting UK breast cancer awareness charity, Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Each year, we carefully curates our “Power of Pink” Campaign to empower and uplift individuals and this year introduces four special products which have been chosen to bring joy and enhance confidence for its wearers, whether they are going through treatment for cancer or not. The collection includes two limited edition shades of Mavala Mini Colors; The Power of Pink Fuchsia and The Power of Pink Pastel, the Clean and Comfort Micellar Water, Prebiotic Hand Cream and the Pink Ray Pouch. In the UK, £1 will be donated to Pink Ribbon Foundation on each purchase of these special products during Pink October (charity number 1080839).

“Mavala’s commitment to supporting breast cancer research, prevention, and patient care is unwavering. We are delighted to collaborate with Pink Ribbon and contribute to their incredible work in the UK,” says Jonathan Hodge, Managing Director at Mavala. “Through ‘The Power of Pink’ Campaign, we aim to inspire and empower individuals while raising awareness and funds for this important cause.”

Power of Pink Collection, launching October 2023 and available at pharmacies nationwide

Limited edition Power of Pink mini colour

RRP: £6.40

Specially created for the Power of Pink campaign, the limited-edition The Power of Pink Mini Colour nail polish is available in two shades. “The Power of Pink Pastel,” a delicate new shade introduced for this year. “The Power of Pink Fuchsia,” a vibrant fuchsia pink. Our Mini Colours our enriched with the ingredient Silica to help strengthen nails and provides extra care for overall nail health. The little 5ml pots minimise solvent evaporation and ensure every last drop can be used. The modern, improved formulation delivers microscopic air pockets to allow nails to breathe and is vegan friendly, with a super long hold and shine.

Clean & Comfort Micellar Water

RRP: £14.85 (200ml)

Care and comfort, something that the skin of patients undergoing cancer treatment particularly needs. For this reason, we have chosen its Clean & Comfort Micellar Water to show its commitment to and support of the “The Power of Pink” campaign. The Micellar Water is ultra-gentle on the skin, respectful to the skin’s physiological balance and is dermatologically tested on dry and sensitive skin. The Alpine Softness Micellar Water is composed of 85% Pure Alpine water, dermo-soothing Swiss Mallow flower and ultra-soft micelles used in baby products.

Prebiotic Hand Cream

RRP: £18.70

Our Prebiotic Hand Cream is like a comforting embrace for the hands. Crafted with an innovative formula, that is enriched with natural  prebiotics derived from a fusion of yogurt and inulin, it nourishes and safeguards the skin. The concentrated blend, infused with shea butter and cotton oil, fortifies the skin’s protective barrier, enhancing its resilience. Perfect for delicate and sensitive hands, this cream provides the skin with a supple, velvety-smooth texture while offering optimal hydrated and defence.

Pink Ray Pouch

Our Pink Ray Pouch is a capsule collection of the brand’s Swiss quality award-winning care and colour products that work together to reduce and soothe the side effects of cancer therapy on the nails and hands.

Included in the Pink Ray Pouch:

  • Mini Emery Boards – Pocket sized nail files for on the go, handy for repairing small damages to the nails.
  • Nail Shield – A two-phase nail treatment which has a specific formula developed to give nails resistance as its forms a strong physical shield to protect nails from damaging elements.
  • Mava+ Hand Cream – A hydrating cream that relieves irritated hands while repairing and protecting very dry and damaged skin. Fragrance free, it is suitable for sensitive skin and its powerful formula creates a protective and film-forming shield.
  • Crystal Nail Polish Remover – A gentle yet effective nail polish remover which is acetone, colourant and odour free.
  • Mavala 002 – This double action protective base coat isolates the nail plate to prevent pigments in nail polish coming in to direct contact with the nail. Its slightly tacky formula allows for perfect adhesion of nail polish and extends the life of the manicure.
  • Mini Colour in Vegas Pink – This is a vibrant pigmented pink polish which is free of harsh chemicals
  • Colorfix – This ultra-shiny top coat forms a hard but flexible film and ‘fixes’ nail polish, protecting it from chipping. 

Support that makes sense

For more than 60 years, we have supported women in their pursuit for beauty and wellbeing. For over six decades, we have dedicated to providing dermatologically tested products that cater to even the most sensitive skin types. From collections with colours curated specifically to protect the nails against the side effects of chemotherapy to a comprehensive care guide,we are devoted to help improve self-confidence while helping to manage to side effects of cancer treatment.

Embracing their core values, We wanted to support a charity in the UK that mirrored their commitment. The Pink Ribbon Foundation is an inspiring grant-making trust which aims to allocate funds and offer financial aid to UK-based charities that address the needs of individuals affected by breast cancer.

Mavala stockists: Harrods, leading independent pharmacies across the UK, John Lewis, Fenwick, Look Fantastic and

Join us in making a difference this October as we stand together in the fight against breast cancer.

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